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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't through with Roger Goodell yet.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has trick up sleeve for owner’s meeting

Ryan Wooden

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ efforts to thwart a new contract for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell were unsuccessful but he’s apparently got plans to take another run at the league’s highest-ranking official.

The owner’s are scheduled to meet on Wednesday and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that owners are expecting Jones to make one final stand at the meeting despite the fact that Goodell’s new six-year deal is already done.

It’s uncertain what exactly Jones could do and Florio didn’t have specifics on his intentions, but fellow owners are bracing for some sort of antics and they also fully expect Jones to pretend as if he was successful at it even though the entire endeavor has very clearly been a losing effort.

As the owner of the most valuable franchise in sports, Jones wields incredible power and has used that power to successfully drive projects that have made league-wide impact. He was an enormous ally of both Stan Kroenke and Mark Davis in helping the Rams and Raiders relocate to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, respectively.

However, he clearly overstepped his boundaries with Goodell specifically because he was upset about his decision to suspend Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott for domestic violence. And while Jones had a legitimate gripe considering how that investigation played out, his influence wasn’t enough to torpedo an extension for Goodell and there’s nothing he can do or say on Wednesday that will change that no matter how hard he tries.