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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has more tricks up his sleeve.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hints at more drama with NFL

Ryan Wooden

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been locking horns with the NFL ever since they handed down a six-game suspension to running back Ezekiel Elliott.

On Monday, he hinted at further drama on that front. Jones was interviewed by 105.3 The Fan’s Mike Fisher, who asked him about what his end game might be in his civil war with the league and Jones’ response looms ominously for the league office.

“It would take me an hour [to talk about it all]. Seriously, I’ve got a lot of things as we move over the next days ahead that will be apparent,” Jones said.

Jones reportedly threatened NFL commissioner Roger Goodell when word came down of Elliott’s suspension. And he’s largely made good on those threats by personally attacking Goodell’s current contract renegotiations.

Prior to the suspension, Goodell’s extension was thought to be a formality. However, Jones is attempting to rally support from other NFL owners to force reconsideration of an extension.

Thus far, it appears as if it isn’t working out very well for Jones. Goodell’s extension still appears likely to get done, but Jones is still airing all their dirty laundry very publicly in the media and it sounds like he isn’t planning on being defeated very easily.