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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott walked out of his first press conference since his suspension.

Ezekiel Elliott walks out of media session with Cowboys reporters

Ryan Wooden

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott made it clear early on in his first press conference since returning from a six-game suspension that he didn’t want to talk about the time he was forced to spend away from his team.

However, when Cowboys reporters pressed him on the matter and sought details about his time in Cabo that would undoubtedly interest their readers, Elliott allowed his frustrations to boil over and walked out abruptly.

In total, Elliott fielded seven questions and spent just 71 seconds speaking with reporters before walking out and WFAA’s Joe Trahan tweeted the entire transcript of events.

While it’s understandable that Elliott wants to put what could wind up being the most trying time in his career behind him, he’s also got to realize that there’s an enormous amount of interest about how he’s filled his time the past six weeks and the emotions he experienced during his time away.

Those reporters have to serve their readers’ best interests and avoiding questions about the suspension just because they made for an uncomfortable situation goes against everything they’ve ever been taught about their jobs.

Had those questions persisted for days, or even weeks, after Elliott had already provided answers about the suspension, he’d have been justified in walking out on that interview. However, in his first session in front of reporters since coming back, he certainly should have known that line of questioning was likely and prepared accordingly.

Ultimately, it’s his prerogative to choose not to talk about the six weeks he spent in Cabo working out while suspended. But it’s a journalist’s job to ask difficult questions on behalf of the interests of their readers and we shouldn’t be faulting them for doing their job even if it did create an uncomfortable situation for Elliott.