Robert Reiners/Getty Images
Paxton Lynch did not have an impressive outing against the Raiders.

Do the Broncos already know that Paxton Lynch is a bust?

Jon Schlosser

Part of the reason to start Denver Broncos quarterback Paxton Lynch Sunday against the Oakland Raiders was simply to see what Lynch himself could do. Win or lose, the Broncos need to know if he’s a bust or a potential franchise quarterback after taking him in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

With less than one game in the books, do they know already?

“With Paxton Lynch at the helm, the Broncos offense was on pace for just under 100 yards of total offense for the entire game,” wrote BSN’s Zac Stevens. “Even if his injury isn’t significant, his evaluation may be complete.”

There was nothing in Lynch’s performance that flashed superstar potential, since he was just 9-for-14 passing for 41 yards. The Raiders have one of the worst pass defenses in the entire league, and Lynch still couldn’t move the ball. They hadn’t picked off a single pass all year. Lynch threw an interception — in the end zone.

Granted, the Broncos have given him no time to develop. That was the third start of his career. They can’t expect him to play like Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz just because they were taken in the same round of the same draft. Wentz has started from day one, making his mistakes — though not that many — and moving forward. Lynch has not had the time.

The issue, though, is that the Broncos are well on their way to a top-10 pick again this year. The quarterback situation has held them back since Peyton Manning retired. If they’re picking high, while loaded with defensive talent, they may want to target a potentially elite quarterback.

And that would mean acknowledging that they missed when they traded up for Lynch.