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Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph made his frustrations apparent.

Broncos coach Vance Joseph finally gets honest about QB situation

Ryan Wooden

Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph has spent most of the season trying to deflect blame on what has been an undoubtedly miserable quarterback situation, but he finally got honest about things earlier this week.

Sitting at 3-8 and preparing for a clash with the Miami Dolphins in Week 13, Joseph toiled with the reality of a situation that has played a large role in a crushing seven-game losing streak.

“It’s not good,” Joseph said, according to Zac Stevens of BSN Denver. “That means that you haven’t had one guy who has played good enough to stay in the role. It’s not good.”

“When you’re playing with three quarterbacks, not because of injury, it’s not a good thing,” he said with clear frustration not only in his voice but in his body language. “When you don’t have success at the quarterback level, it’s a lot of things. It’s blocking, and it’s throwing and catching. It’s all of those things. It’s details. I can’t say it’s all of those kids’ fault. It’s a unit issue. But, it starts with the quarterback.”

That much has appeared obvious to everybody who has seen a Broncos game in the last seven weeks, but it’s really the first time that Joseph has let his frustration show. And if things continue to go in this manner, it might not be the last.