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Mark Dominik thinks the Denver Broncos will be players for Kirk Cousins and Eli Manning.

Former GM links Denver Broncos to Kirk Cousins and Eli Manning

Ryan Wooden

Quarterback play has been a major source of problems for the Denver Broncos in 2017 and that’s lead many to believe that they’ll be significant players in the quarterback market.

That could mean that they look to draft another quarterback, sign one in free agency or even both. But former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark Dominik is linking them directly to a pair of prominent veterans.

Dominik went on Sirius XM on Friday and stated that he expected the Broncos to be massive players for Kirk Cousins if he can shake loose from the Washington Redskins and that they’d also be major players for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. More generally, he expects the Broncos to go the veteran route because he thinks Elway wants a player who can capitalize immediately on a locker room that they still think can win.

The Broncos have over $11 million in available salary cap space and are projected to have over $20 million in cap space next year even before they rework contracts and trim the fat to free up additional space. So they should have plenty of money to go after a veteran quarterback in free agency if in fact they’re interested and both Cousins and Manning make a certain level of sense.