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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a comeback plan, but it will require the team to be in playoff contention.

Packers have return plan for Aaron Rodgers with major contingencies

Ryan Wooden

The Green Bay Packers are proceeding with the intention of activating superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers off injured reserve for a Week 15 matchup with the Carolina Panthers, but there are apparently going to be some major contingencies.

According to a report from ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Rodgers will continue to practice with the Packers with the intention of returning, but will only be activated if the Packers are still in playoff contention by the time he’s eligible to return.

That, of course, is a big if with the Packers at 5-6 and a full two games behind an NFC wild-card spot with four teams between themselves and the last playoff seat. However, Rodgers has been ahead of schedule and the feeling in Green Bay is that he instantly makes them a Super Bowl contender again if they can just somehow manage to hang around.

Perhaps the timing of this announcement is meant as a motivational tool for the next two weeks with winnable games against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday and the Cleveland Browns in Week 14. If they can get to 7-6, they have to feel like they can go on to run the table with Rodgers back in the lineup and 10-6 should make things interesting.