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The Green Bay Packers' decision on Aaron Rodgers isn't so simple.

Packers wavering on Aaron Rodgers injury decision

Ryan Wooden

The Green Bay Packers are hoping to win out and get some help to sneak into the postseason, and that effort supposedly will get a major boost in Week 15 with the return of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

After breaking his clavicle earlier in the season, Rodgers has been allowed to practice for the last two weeks and is eligible to come off injured reserve Sunday when the Packers square off with the Carolina Panthers. However, it appears that the Packers aren’t as sure that Rodgers can play as he is.

According to a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Packers team doctor Patrick McKenzie and the consulting specialists that he’s been working with are still concerned about rushing Rodgers back. Specifically, Rapoport describes playing Rodgers as a “risk/reward” decision and reports that the bone isn’t fully healed.

Considering that the Packers are still longshots to make the postseason, the more conservative parties in the group making the decision aren’t sure that the likelihood of reward makes the risk worth taking. However, it’s clear that Rodgers is going to do everything that he can to influence that decision to get back onto the field.

Last Sunday, with a loss to the Cleveland Browns threatening to sink any realistic playoff shot and making Rodgers’ return useless, Rodgers was showing a lot of intensity on the sidelines during the come-from-behind win.

Now that he’s got a chance to come back and play hero, it seems crazy that he’d let anybody tell him he can’t play.