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Tom Brady's trainer has had his access to the New England Patriots significantly reduced.

Details revealed on Patriots clash with Tom Brady trainer Alex Guerrero

Ryan Wooden

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seems to be benefitting from his work with trainer Alex Guerrero, but some of Guerrero’s controversial methods and clashes with training staff have led to an uncomfortable situation in New England.

Despite prior reports, Guerrero hasn’t been outright banned from Gillette Stadium. However, after previously having his run of the team facilities, the Brady trainer has had his access significantly limited after his attempts to pursue additional Patriots clients have caused some friction with staff members.

According to a report from Albert Breer of Monday Morning Quarterback, Guerrero is no longer allowed to ride the team plane and he’s not allowed on the sidelines during Patriots games anymore. But he still does have a presence around the organization and has even traveled on his own dime to away games in recent weeks.

Brady declined comment on the allegations that Guerrero and Patriots coach Bill Belichick don’t get along earlier this week, but ultimately decisions about access are made by Belichick himself. So there appears to be at least some truth to the rumors surrounding their lack of a relationship.

And, in fairness to Belichick, he’s got plenty of reason to be skeptical of Guerrero. What Guerrero does works for Brady, sure, but some of the quack science the pair have been pushing and the questionable supplements they shill are concerning.

So it’s probably for the best that Guerrero keeps his distance.