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New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick wouldn't defend the actions of Rob Gronkowski to Buffalo Bill coach Sean McDermott.

WATCH: Bill Belichick calls Rob Gronowski hit ‘bulls***’ to Bills coach Sean McDermott

Ryan Wooden

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t have much to say about tight end Rob Gronkowski’s cheap shot on Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White in the postgame press conference, saying that the refs handled it. However, he did acknowledge the play to Bills coach Sean McDermott after the game.

McDermott and Belichick met at midfield for the traditional postgame handshake and McDermott must have brought the hit up to Belichick inaudibly on the video because Belichick responded and the microphones picked it up.

“No, I understand. It was bulls***. I’m sorry, I apologize,” Belichick could be heard saying in a video tweeted by Prescott Rossi of WROC in Rochester.

Gronkowski lost his cool when he thought he was being held on an interception by White late in the fourth quarter with the Patriots leading 23-3. However, instead of complaining to the refs about the missed call, he chose to peel back and chose to spear White in the back of his head with his left shoulder while he was down on the ground after the play was long over.

White suffered a concussion on the play and was unable to speak to media, but his teammates said the dirty play would be remembered when the two teams face off again on Dec. 24. Gronkowski apologized for the play and said there was no place for that sort of behavior and explained that it happened in frustration.

However, that probably won’t be enough to stave off a large fine or possibly even a suspension. And if Gronkowski is on the field in that Week 16 matchup, it’s also possible he has to ward off retaliation.