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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will run through anybody to get to Roger Goodell.

Jerry Jones insulted Robert Kraft while threatening Roger Goodell

Ryan Wooden

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been at war with the NFL over the suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott and he used New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to make it clear that he’d go as far as he could to ruin NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jones was informed of the NFL’s decision to suspend Elliott for six games after a year-long investigation concluded he’d physically abused an ex-girlfriend on Aug. 9 of this year. According to a report from Don Van Natta, Jr. and Seth Wickersham, Jones began lobbing insults almost immediately after a few long seconds of silence.

“I’m gonna come after you with everything I have,” Jones said¬†before mentioning DeflateGate. “If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p—y compared to what I’m going to do.”

Just a week prior, as Jones was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the two appeared to be on very good terms. However, the Elliott suspension reportedly helped draw longstanding doubts from Jones into the forefront.

Now, the NFL appears to be on the brink of civil war, with two factions of owners emerging both in support of and against Goodell. Jones has even threatened to sue his fellow owners if an extension for Goodell were done without putting it to a vote.

In turn, that’s sparred on a back-and-forth in the media between the league offices and the Cowboys owner. With Jones allegedly drawing corporate sponsor Papa John’s into a very public shaming of the league and leaking outdated contract demands from Goodell and the league now, most likely, leaking these insulting comments made by Jones.

There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for this drama and during already turbulent times for the NFL, this could spell disaster for the country’s most popular sport.