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Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin doesn't seem to be taking the season one game at a time.

Steelers already making mistake before Week 15 matchup with Patriots

Ryan Wooden

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin didn’t bother with the coach speak Sunday night before his team’s matchup with the Green Bay Packers.

He could have taken the standard approach and talked about playing one game at a time. Instead, he chose to highlight the upcoming Week 15 matchup with the New England Patriots, even though the Steelers had three games to play before he got there.

“I’m going to embrace the elephant in the room, it’s going to be fireworks,” Tomlin said according to Tim Benz of the Pittsburgh Tribune. “It’s probably going to be part one, and that’s going to be a big game. But, probably, if we’re both doing what we’re supposed to do, the second is really going to be big.”

So he already is looking ahead to Week 15, presumably with home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs on the line. But he’s also looking forward to a rematch of the AFC Championship Game, apparently.

And to think about those grand possibilities is certainly human, but it’s also alarming to those worried about the possibility of stumbling blocks along the way. That might be less of a worry now that the Jaguars lost, giving the Steelers and Patriots a two-game lead on the rest of the AFC.

However, the fact that it still flies in the face of every coach cliché ever uttered is still difficult to move past for some.