Adam Bettcher/Getty Images
Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr never will live down breaking Aaron Rodgers' clavicle.

Vikings LB Anthony Barr still receiving death threats for Aaron Rodgers hit

Ryan Wooden

Hate mail is a common occurrence in the NFL with a league that largely is driven by made-up teams blurring the lines between regional affiliations, but what Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr is experiencing takes things a step too far.

Barr was responsible for the hit that fractured Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ clavicle, and that is not something Packers fans and fantasy football owners are prepared to let go.

The Packers went into a relative tailspin with their leader on injured reserve, while the Vikings rose to the top of the NFC North. On Sunday, Rodgers returns but Barr still is receiving death threats because of a perfectly legal hit, according to a report from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Barr and Rodgers proceeded to get into a war of words following the injury, with Rodgers claiming that Barr celebrated the injury and Barr claiming that to be a lie. And that’s almost certainly fueling the continued letters to Barr.

However, there really is no questioning the fact that Barr clearly had no intent to injure Rodgers on the play in question. But the people preternaturally inclined to writing such nonsense can’t be influenced by simple logic or anything resembling it. So expect the hate mail to continue rolling in for Barr and the stage to be set for a dramatic 2017 rematch in Week 16 with the Packers clinging to playoff life.